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Less Is More - Tips For Getting Your Property Ready To Sell

Whether you own a 10,000 square foot mansion or a home that feels more like a closet than a house, the importance of decluttering cannot be overemphasized.  The truth is that even the smallest of homes can be made to look and feel substantially larger just by employing a few simple strategies, and in real estate, size does matter!



The most effective way of creating space is by organising and ridding your home of unnecessary clutter.  As Wendell Berry so aptly puts it: “Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.”  

Removing Oversized Furniture       

Remember that your ultimate aim should always be to create the illusion of space and present a layout that invites buyers to visualise themselves and their belongings in.  Thus, all oversized furniture should be removed as it makes small rooms appear smaller. 

Reconfiguring Layout          

Reconfiguring the layout of rooms can be beneficial as very often it helps create the illusion of extra space.  If bulky items of furniture cannot be removed, by placing them towards the extremities of a room, you open up space for entry into and traffic through the room – it is all about flow and function. You should also remember that the main seating piece should be oriented toward the focal point in the room – very often in a living room this could be a fireplace or the TV.  Reconfiguring the layout with the focal point in mind helps to highlight a room's best use.  

Converting Rooms    

Converting rooms can maximise space or make the house more appealing to a wider market.  If you have a three-bedroom home with an office in a neighbourhood where there is a predominance of four-bedroom homes, you might consider converting the office into an extra bedroom. Generally, the more bedrooms you have the higher the price you can ask.           

Removing Sports Equipment          

While all fitness fanatics will greatly appreciate your professional state-of-the-art treadmill and weight training benches, remember that the vast majority of buyers prefer space.  Remove all sports equipment if possible as they take up a tremendous amount of space.  A spacious family room where the whole family can comfortably sit and enjoy each other’s company has far more appeal than a cluttered room where the dusty home gym takes up half the floor space.


While we are all guilty of accumulating far more things than we need and many of us live surrounded by clutter, no one enjoys dealing with other people’s mess and disorganisation.  Remember that your aim should be to create a pleasant environment in which potential buyers can identify with your home and picture themselves living in it. 

If you’re thinking of selling, give me a call.  I’ll be happy to visit your home and give you advice on getting it ready for sale.

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