About Me





It took me four horrendous real estate transactions to decide to quit my day job and become a REALTOR®


To decide to never again put my most valuable asset in someone else's hands.

To never have to worry that a commission cheque was given priority over my interests.

Because the truth is, that the path to getting licensed in Ontario is painfully easy. 

The truth is that anyone with a high school diploma and permanent residency can take 5 intelligence-insulting courses and is then deemed qualified to deal with your biggest investment and practice contract law.

Because that is essentially what real estate agents do. Without undergoing years of legal training. Without a law degree.

And while the haters may roll their eyes every time I rant about all that’s wrong with this industry, it’s one of the most freeing things in the world to realise:


You do!



Because when you trust me with your sale or your purchase, your satisfaction and seeing the transaction to a successful completion is all that concerns me.

And if you’re still reading, it’s because you too are sick to death of all the smoke and mirrors BS in this industry.

You want someone who isn’t just bossy, but is the boss. And that’s me – the owner of HomeLife Optimum Realty, the brains behind this operation (unless it comes to Gin Rummy, in which case you’d want to be on my husband’s team).

Jokes aside, I don’t just talk smart, I also do smart. I’m full-service-all-in-invested in you. Because I know just how tough it is to move.

I’ve bought and sold properties on 2 different continents, have 21 moves under my belt and have overseen hundreds of real estate transactions.

And of one thing I am sure…It never gets easier. No matter how many times you’ve bought or sold, it’s a life-altering, stressful AF experience.


In short, I completely understand the importance of having a professional handle the heavy stuff, so that you don’t have to.

So, while you may not see me on the back of a bus, and you’ll never hear me guarantee to sell your house or I’ll buy it...

With me you can rest assured that:

  • Your interests are protected above all others
  • Your risk is mitigated because I know contract law and what should/shouldn’t be included in a contract to protect you
  • I work for you and you alone – you will not catch me representing two sides in any transaction
  • When you sign up to work with me, you get me - not some other agent working on my team
  • Your success is my #1 priority

Because I’ve built my reputation on results and my entire business on repeat and referral and have every intention of continuing to do so.

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