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“We can't say enough great things about Analena, she’s a dream to work with! She genuinely cares for her clients and will not rest until they are absolutely comfortable and happy with their purchase. We highly recommend her services and will definitely contact her for all our future real estate needs.”

Saheed A and Shireen E

“I entered the Toronto real estate market as a buyer in a strong seller’s market; at a time where it was commonplace to see homes sell for $100k or more over the list price. Undeterred, I was determined to move from my downtown condominium into my first house and make a sound investment (which I did!), none of which would have been possible without the knowledgeable guidance of my real estate agent, Analena Mandlsohn.

Analena was a patient and calming guide through the unpredictable and chaotic world that is Toronto real estate. From the onset, Analena was gracious, accessible and quick to respond to the many inquiries I had about specific properties, or Toronto real estate in general; a true personification of peerless customer service. Analena gave thoughtful and insightful feedback without ever being pushy. This ensured that I was equipped with the proper tools to make well-informed decisions, but that the power of the decision-making process was solely my own. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge of real estate is only matched by her unwavering enthusiasm and passion for the industry.

I would highly recommend Analena to my family, friends, and all others interested in buying or selling real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.”

Justin J

“Joe and I are very thankful to you, Analena, for a job well done in helping us find our new home.

The purchase of our new place was an amazing experience that ran smoothly, and your professionalism and real estate knowledge and experience are big reasons why! Your attentiveness and friendliness is something we will always be grateful for.  It is because of you that we found just what we were looking for.

We wish you a future full of "SOLD" signs.”

Maria and Joe T

“While trying to sell our home on our own, Analena had called and asked if she could come and view our property without representing a client, we agreed.  After walking through our home we talked at length about why we had made the decision to sell privately along with the pro's and con's.  Her knowledge of the market along with her forthright honesty ensured that we would keep her name as a possible agent if and when we decided to interview for the position.

We took our home off the market after 3 months, and vowed we would find someone we felt met our needs in the spring when we would try again.

Analena kept in touch without any pressure throughout the fall and winter.

We decided a Pre Spring market might be a good step, so called upon the "local specialists" to interview along with a few others, 4 in total.  Analena's personality and honest values won the position.

We knew that the market had very little inventory and homes were selling quite quickly, so Analena went to work and advised to be prepared for anything.  One day on the market, multiple offers and we were sold!  We were extremely elated that Analena's negotiating skills won us the price we received.

So now the hunt for our "new home" begins.  Prior to listing our sale, we had ventured out on our own to try and find the perfect area to resettle.  Analena began gathering details, and we started the viewing process.   On a number of occasions her husband Larry would accompany us and we were fortunate to be able to bounce our queries off 2 professionals.  Analena and Larry partner well together while sharing the same business values. We felt secure in knowing that their combined knowledge and experience would find us our perfect fit.

Though inventory was low we finally found our "new home" and in the process have been blessed in finding new friends in Analena and Larry.”

Angelo & Nancy M

"Our initial experience with selling our home was terrible to say the least! We attempted to sell it ourselves by listing with a For-Sale-By-Owner type brokerage, but after over a month of unbearable stress and frustration, we decide to list our home with Analena.

From the initial consultation to the closing of the sale, Analena was nothing but amazing. The services she offered were incredible: professional cleaning, staging, photography, open houses, etc. She spared no expense to get our house ready, and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Analena is diligent, extremely knowledgeable and authentic.  She listens well, individualizes the services she provides and pays close attention to detail.  We felt so comfortable with everything in her capable hands that we even took a much-needed vacation while Analena handled everything. She provided us with every resource we needed, and within a week our house sold well over the asking price! Analena’s knowledge and experience truly made a difference, and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for amazing service and results.”

Jade and Joe K

“Analena was the consummate real estate professional to partner with in the recent sale of my townhome.

In the often extremely stressful process of buying/selling a home, Analena is a tireless advocate for the interests of her clients. She brings her professionalism, positive attitude and sense of humour to each step of the sale. Analena is a strategic and determined negotiator, who pays attention to the smallest of details and who is dedicated to the art of the sale.

These are qualities that should not be underestimated when navigating the stresses of the real estate market.

I greatly appreciated Analena for her unwavering commitment to representing my interests and ensuring I could move through the sale process with trust and confidence. Analena is that rare gem of a real estate professional who truly cares about her clients.”

Gary S    

“We were very impressed with Analena’s professionalism, personal attention, and marketing strategies.  The entire process of selling a home can be so overwhelming and stressful, but she walked us through every step of the way. She was always available for questions, and we received her personal attention almost on a daily basis, which made us feel like we were her only clients. Her patience and expertise in this field are outstanding and commendable. Analena is a first class, high caliber, realtor, and it was a pleasure working with her. Above and beyond does not begin to express the service Analena provides for her clients!”

Maureen and Steve P

“Analena Mandlsohn was my real estate agent of choice and I had sought her out because of her impeccable reputation and because she had written a wonderful book, “Getting to Sold”, with her views on how to sell your property, which I had the pleasure of reading. From the get go, Analena was ready to do everything within her power to make sure that the property looked top notch and that the listing was designed to be informative, attractive and compelling.  She succeeded admirably in this task. The mettle of a real estate agent is tested not when a sale goes right, but when a glitch occurs which is no one’s fault and it muddies the brilliant “sold in one day with multiple offers” that Analena had been able to achieve for my property.

A freak leak occurred into the den from the terrace because of a sudden thaw. It ruined a wall and a sale, which fell through just before closing.  It was a heartbreaker.  Analena took matters into her own hands and liaised with the appropriate parties to get the leak repaired and the property back on the market.  This she did as soon as it was possible. When everything was perfect again the property went back on the market and Analena sold it in four days.  The day before closing it was revealed that the mortgage for the purchaser was not in place and they would require an extension, even though the financial waiver had been signed.  It took another two weeks to achieve the closing. Analena remained positive, supportive, forward thinking and followed through at every turn.  She made an almost untenable situation one that resulted in a satisfied client, (myself) and a satisfactory sale to the purchaser.   She really worked diligently above and beyond the call of duty.

A situation like mine is not common, is not really anyone’s fault but it really showed me Analena’s true colours.  She is a remarkable real estate agent who will work for you and with you in good times and not so good.  One thing for sure, having the best in your court will always be to your advantage and the best is Analena Mandlsohn.”

Valerie K

“Analena is a hard working individual and real estate agent. I chose Analena from the wide group of good agents available as she has the know how and drive to sell and purchase homes. She knows the market and what best to do.

I used Analena in 2014 and 2015 to buy and sell various properties in different areas. She was an exceptional agent and her knowledge proved to help in many situations we ran into. People forget that transactions don’t always run easy and you want someone experienced helping you. You want the best price for your home and the best value for your purchase. I feel comfortable recommending Analena for anyone needing an exceptional Real Estate Agent.”

Anita H

“Analena was tireless in helping us find the perfect condo.  She listened to our needs and wish list, and took us out many times, until we found just the perfect condo.  She showed us different areas, and different types of condos, and was always extremely professional and helpful in getting us all the information we needed to make an informative decision.  When we finally found “the one” she was tireless in the negotiations with the other agent and the owner, to get us to the best final offer.  During the process, due to her expert knowledge of real estate laws and her keen eye, she made sure that there were no oversights.  She was always reachable and available when we had questions, and made the process so much easier for us.

After we had purchased the condo, Analena helped us stage our home, had a professional photographer take photos of the home, and she then had a gorgeous colour brochure put together.  The “For Sale” sign went up, and she then pursued leads, followed up with agents who brought their clients in to view the home, and, within days we had several offers.  Again, in the negotiating process, she was professional with the other agents, and when it came to the final “crunch” we were delighted with the final offer!  We had a chance to meet with the realtor representing the purchaser of our home, and he, on more than one occasion commented on Analena’s professionalism and what a pleasure it had been to deal with her.

We are now settled into our gorgeous condo, and really could not even imagine having gone through this process without Analena’s expert assistance.  She is a lovely person, she’s kind, smart, professional and is able to deal with the toughest agents.  Having seen her in “action” through the negotiating process, we truly believe that she thrives in that environment.  We have since recommended her to very good friends, whom she also assisted with the purchase of their condo.

We have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Analena as your future realtor.  She will get you to where you want to be!”  

Carlos and Angela 

“Analena, thank you so much for the manner in which you handled the purchase of our home. From the start, you had our best interests in mind, and as promised, you did everything possible to get us our dream home. The offer process was very stressful as we were up against so many buyers, but you were very professional, patient and courteous, which made the process much easier. We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for outstanding service.”

Sivagnanasundaram and Kalanithy S

“I had a wonderful experience using Analena as my realtor. She was very personable.  She worked on my terms, and my time schedule. She is honest and easy to work with. She listens, works with your needs, and does not waste your time.

Analena went above and beyond what was expected of her. She is a very caring real estate consultant and I felt very fortunate to have her assist me with the home buying process.”

Deniz T

“The service and personal attention I received from Analena was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! Her knowledge of the local market and her key contacts in the community helped me in my search for my condo. After patiently going through listings and explaining all details with me, she made sure I got the best value purchase for my new condo! 
 Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Analena to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide me through the process.”

Mike S

“My experience with Analena has been nothing but exceptional. As a first-time renter, I had very minimal experience on what to look for and what the regulations are, but Analena was very helpful and knowledgeable in that respect, which gave me that needed peace of mind.  She was very in tune with the vision I had for my first home. Not only was she accommodating with my busy schedule, but I never had a moment where I felt pressured into making an offer on a condo unit, which all the more made the search in finding my first home an enjoyable one.

Analena is very organized and detailed and handled the leasing process with utmost professionalism, while looking out for my best interests. She answered all my questions in a timely manner and followed through on everything she said. I will eventually be looking into purchasing my own condo and am looking forward to having Analena help me achieve that milestone in the near future.  My overall experience with Analena was effortless and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”                  

Charisse G

Dearest Analena,

You’ve helped me cross off a huge goal in my life yet again…and in a dream location that seemed impossible to achieve given my circumstances.  But of course, you managed to make my wishes comes true, and for that, I’m deeply grateful.

Your impeccable knowledge, your attention to detail, your perseverance – and simply your genuine care did not go unnoticed since the moment I called you for help.  Thank you once again for all your guidance throughout this journey.  There’s honestly no one else I’d rather experience this milestone with…

Love, Charisse

Analena Mandlsohn
Direct: 647-501-0309